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Top 5 Sofa Slipcovers in 2019

Sofas help give our living rooms an elegant appearance. However, they are not easy to maintain, considering the materials used to make them. They easily get dirty through spills not to mention getting damaged quickly through scratches from pets. That said, the best way to protect your sofas is to use a sofa slipcover. These well-thought-out products not only protect sofas from spills and stains but also help enhance the looks of the existing décor with their unique craftsmanship. They are easy to put on the sofa and fit nicely. Moreover, they help improve comfort let alone being super easy to wash and maintain. Consider the following top 10 best sofa slipcovers reviews to take home a suitable brand.

1. Sofa Shield Patent Pending Reversible Sofa Slipcover

This is the sofa slipcover you need. It comes with an exclusively designed 2 inches thick strap to help hold it in place. Furthermore, the 2 inches thick strap can be adjusted to customize the fit. Besides, this sofa slipcover helps improve the decoration of a place. And this is because of its stylish looks. It also displays a trendy pattern that enables it to blend perfectly well with any existing décor. Do not worry if this slipcover is dirty since it is machine washable. It is also dryable; hence, you will not have a hard time keeping it clean. The slipcover is available in many different sizes that fit sofas with a width up to 70 inches, sofa oversized with a width up to 78 inches, loveseat with a width up to 54 inches, futon with a width up to 70 inches, and so on.


  • Comes out better than expected
  • Fits great to ensure optimum convenience
  • The fabric is soft to the touch
  • Comes with an elastic band
  • Washes beautifully and pets seem to love it


  • Does not work with leather furniture

2. MAYTEX Mills 2 Piece Sand Sofa Slipcover

Whether your sofa has t-cushions or box cushions, this is the slipcover for you. It works with both types of cushions, meaning you will not have a torrid time installing it. Moreover, it features a patented 2-piece separate seat construction to provide you with a semi-custom look. Plus it comes with instructional tags to seamlessly guide you during the installation process. It is super durable yet very comfortable to ensure that you get the maximum out of it. Furthermore, the sofa slipcover is made of lightweight and stretchable fabric that has a textured mini dot design to contour to the shape of your furniture. There are also built-in elastic corners that help keep it in place. It is designed to fit standard shape sofas with widths ranging from 74 inches to 96 inches wide.


  • Protects couches from pets
  • Improves the stylish looks of the couch
  • The material used is super soft
  • Easy to put on
  • Durable for long-lasting use
  • Covers and tucks in beautifully


  • Actual colors are not the same to the ones shown in the picture
  • Actual colors are not the same to the ones shown in the picture

3. CHUN YI Jacquard 1-Piece Polyester Spandex Fabric Slipcover

This slipcover is more durable and stretchable. Well, this is because it is made of 85-percent polyester and 15-percent spandex. The stretchy fabric helps improve comfort, making sure that you are able to get the maximum out of the slipcover. CHUN YI provides various colors, so you can easily get a suitable one that decorates your sofa. Besides, the slipcover is great for sofas with lengths between 72 inches and 92 inches. It is versatile and fits a variety of sofas such as Chesterfield sofa, T-cushion sofa, Lawson sofa, and leather sofa, among others. It will stay in place, and this is because of the elasticized bottom that secures it firmly in place. There are also anti-slip foam strips into the grooves to make the slipcover tighter. Chun Yi is an expert in providing its customers with economical home life solution. That said, the sofa slipcover will be a great purchase.


  • Makes couches look new
  • Stretches to fit large-sized sofas perfectly
  • Works great with leather sofas
  • Durable enough to offer solid performance
  • The texture is smooth and nice to the touch


  • Actual colors are not similar to the ones in the pictures

4. Rose Home Fashion Reversible Sofa Cover

Because Rose Home Fashion does not want you to be frustrated when it comes to fitting this sofa slipcover on your couch, they highly advise that you check the measurements. That being said, the sofa cover is available in several sizes that fit extra-wide sofas with widths up to 78 inches, futon with widths up to 70 inches, sofas with widths up to 68 inches, loveseats with widths up to 54 inches, chair and a half with widths up to 48 inches, small loveseats with widths up to 46 inches, chair with widths up to 21 inches, and oversized recliners with widths up to 30 inches. This reversible sofa cover will not slide, and that’s because of the elastic strap. It is reversible, and this means you can double the look to get a fresh look in new seasons.


  • The quality is good
  • Washes easily in the washing machine
  • Not too heavy; hence, can easily be thrown on and taken off
  • Covers and protects the sofa
  • The fabric is soft yet very durable


  • The straps that prevent the slipcover could be better

5. Great Bay Home Modern Velvet Strapless Slipcover (Sofa, Silver Cloud)

The fact that this sofa slipcover has excellent reviews means it is no doubt one of the best on the market. It is a well-made sofa slipcover that will help enhance the sophisticated look of your living room. It ensures that your furniture is not ruined. And it achieves that by protecting it from spills, wear, stains, and tear. Considering its purpose, which is to protect, the sofa slipcover makes a great buy for those homes with pets and children. It is also great for anyone seeking an economical solution for furniture protection. It is one-size-fits-most; thus, it works with most sofas up to 90 inches wide, armchairs up to 40 inches wide, and loveseats up to 68 inches wide. You will not need straps to secure this slipcover in place; thanks to its strapless and slip-resistant design.


  • The material is wonderful and soft to the touch
  • Goes on easily with no straps/ties needed
  • Looks exactly like the picture
  • Changes the look of the couches – for the better
  • Warms up cold leather


  • Seems to have a problem fitting a full-size sofa

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  • Werser N Sha

    The sofa sleeper was as advertised. It was very easy to put together and my 12 year old son lives on that thing. Seriously, he has made it his regular bed. Even my wife, who never trusts me with any furniture purchases, is clearly happy with it.

  • Enofa A. Cloe

    Couch for a rental unit. Appears to be durable fabric and a good value for the price. Pull ou section creates room for two children to sleep.

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