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How to Choose Kitchen Furniture , Living Room Furniture, Bedroom Furniture

The type of furniture that you buy could either make your home a pleasant charming place that you just love living in, or a drab and dreary place you just want to get out of. Notwithstanding the type of furniture that you get could tell your guests a lot about your personality and taste. You do not want anyone getting a bad opinion about your sense of style by getting ill-fitting or poorly made furniture that gets old and tawdry within a few weeks after purchase. For this reason, it is important to plan out everything before you decide to go out and buy some furniture for your home.

Furniture needs to be comfortable for both your guests and your family, and hence it is very important to consider aspects such as visual appeal, size, and quality of the furniture. You might also have to consider other aspects such as the floor plan of your house and a theme if that is what you are going for. Taking all that into consideration the following is how to buy the right furniture for your home.

Living Room Furniture

Your choice of living room furniture is one of the most important in the entire house. Living room furniture typically takes a significant chunk of your furniture budget. Moreover, this is the place where you and your family will spend most your waking days, and hence it has to be stylish and comfortable. Follow the following tips to buy the best furniture for the living room:

Get Living Room Furniture that is Appropriate to the Layout of the Room
Before you go out and spend thousands on furniture document the floor plans of your living room and have a good understanding of open concept floor plans and traditional living rooms and how each design will affect the choice of furniture.

Open concept floor plans tend to be spacious and will be best suited to large overstuffed furniture as opposed to the traditional living rooms that tend to feel smaller and work best with smaller understated pieces of furniture.

Design of the Living Room

-You need to take into consideration the purpose of the room. Will you be using the living room mostly for playing games, watching TV, just for conversation or all of these? Most people will be needing a conversation area, but could well do with a coffee table and an impressive entertainment cabinet for watching TV.

-Take into account the needs of every member of the household that will use the living room. If you have small children, pets or both, you are better off going for furniture with fabrics that are more resistant to animal hair and staining.

-Make the best use of the focal point in the room. If your living room has a stunning piece of art, a gorgeous view or a fireplace, buy furniture while keeping in mind that it should not take away from the formal point but rather it should complement it.

-Always start shopping for your favorite piece of furniture first and then work to get pieces to complement it. For many people, the sofa is the most important and often the most expensive piece. However, you can start with any other piece and buy other pieces to complement it.

-You do not have to be stuck with the traditional armchairs and sofas as you could add a touch of personality to your living room. Throw in some poufs, ottomans and a game table with chairs for additional seating. Heck, you can even get a bar with high stools and have a completely different look to the room.

-Get some good lighting and be flexible on the styles you can get. Some interesting lighting ideas include floor and table lamps which provide softer lighting and are a great contrast from the cold overhead lighting that is found in most living rooms.

How to Choose Kitchen Furniture

Everybody dream of having a show kitchen even though most of us are terrible at DIY and a complete refit is often too expensive. However, if you do look around you can find some cheap yet classy pieces of furniture that will upgrade your kitchen without costing an arm and a leg. Nonetheless, it is still critical to buy the best if you can afford it given that in general, the more expensive pieces tend to be the most aesthetically pleasing and durable.

Follow the following tips when buying kitchen furniture and fittings:
-Measure out your floor space – You need to know the amount of space you will need before you buy that beautiful piece of furniture you saw online. You do not want to buy a piece and find that it takes all the space in the kitchen making it impossible to add any other piece.

-Decide on how many people will be using the furniture – Depending on the size of your family and the number of guests you intend to entertain, make a decision on how many seats and what size of table you will need to seat everyone comfortably.

-Depending on floor plan and space decide on the type of table – Circular tables tend to be more compact than rectangular kitchen tables and hence they are best for small kitchens. You can also opt for extendable kitchen tables which can be extended when you are entertaining more people.

-One of the best hacks when buying kitchen furniture is to buy furniture that comes with extra space so that you have more food preparation surfaces, worktop spaces, and extra storage should you need it.

-Given that kitchen furniture is placed in an area of the house with high humidity, you need to be very careful with what finishes you go for. The best kitchen tables, chairs, and cabinets are ones with natural varnished hardwoods as these do not stain easily even in high humidity conditions.

How to Choose Bedroom Furniture

Ideally, a bedroom is only for sleeping but if you want to do more than sleep in your bedroom, you can buy furniture that will make it a sanctuary in your waking hours. The following are some of the most important considerations when buying bedroom furniture.

-Comfort – The most important item in a bedroom is a good mattress and bed. You need to get a mattress and bed that fits your sleeping style while being comfortable and inviting.

-Size – The bedroom should never be cluttered with all kinds of furniture some of which you do not need. Only buy the most essential furniture such as beds, mattresses, and pillows and do not go overboard with items like entertainment centers and desks unless you feel that you need this in the bedroom. If you have a small room, get smaller pieces of furniture or furniture that can find several uses.

-Placement – Before you buy your furniture you have to decide where you are going to place it in the room. If your bedroom has a nice view from the window, you want a bed that allows you to wake up to the view unimpeded by other items such as desks and lamps between your bed and the window.

-Storage – Does your bedroom have enough closet space for all your accessories and clothes? If you do not have enough storage, you can enhance the look of your room by buying a range of furniture items that include bed styles with drawers, storage ottomans, bedside table with inbuilt cabinets, armoires and chests of drawers.


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