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    Turn Your Utensil Drawer Upside Down and Refill It with Dreamfarm

    With a reddot design award-winning tool for every task, Dreamfarm is the cure for the common spatula.   Need a heat-resistant, dishwasher safe spoon that sits up on its own, turns into a ladle, can also be used as a scraper, and has built-in measurement lines? A measuring scoop that self-levels? Or maybe you just want to cut your pizza with scissors, or find a garlic press that actually works.   Dreamfarm loves to tackle the little problems that come with the stagnant designs of ubiquitous tools, and until you try their products, you won’t realize how much you hated your old tongs. https://www.wayfair.com/brand/bnd/dreamfarm-b8167.html?rtype=12&redir=dreamfarm

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    The Best Air Purifier is also a Fan

    Dyson has reigned over the vacuum cleaner and room fan spaces for years, so making the best air purifier was a natural extension.   The Dyson Pure Cool DP04 combines the best smart air purifier with an excellent room fan to not only clean your air, but circulate the newly cleaned air around the room, while keeping you cool in the process. (Most) air purifiers are stationary, which results in obvious limits on their effectiveness unless some other device like a ceiling fan is regularly moving air around the room, but the Pure cool is self-sufficient.   As you’d expect, the Pure Cool includes HEPA technology, with a filter that…

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    Dyson Cyclone V10 Absolute

    Dyson left other vacuum manufacturers in the dust (get it?) years ago, and their latest achievement, the handheld Dyson V10, is such a leap forward that it convinced them to end development of their corded lineup.   The V10 takes everything that made its predecessors the best vacuums ever and improves upon them, with better ergonomics, more clear indicators for things like battery life, and a very welcome much larger bin. The ridiculously powerful motor in the V10 picks up far more than earlier iterations in the line (which I’ve used extensively) in the same amount of vacuuming, and small things like improved handling make it a joy to use.…

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    Ready For Your First Cast Iron Pan? Get Lodge.

    There’s a time and a place for non-stick pans, but if you’re ready to break out of your Teflon shell, cast iron is the place to start, and Lodge’s is impulse priced.   Founded in Tennessee more than 120 years ago and still family owned and operated, Lodge knows a thing or two about cast iron. Their most ubiquitous and essential item, whether you’re in front of the stove or in front of the campfire, is their cast iron skillet. Weighty, pre-seasoned, and much easier to clean than you think, the Lodge skillet is available in a variety of diameters, configurations, and editions, but always at an eminently affordable price…

  • Outdoor Heating

    Solo Stove Bonfire: A Fire Pit for Every Backyard

    Good news! You can take that DIY backyard fire pit you were never actually going to build off your to-do list and just buy a Solo Stove.   The Solo Stove Bonfire series takes the brand’s years of experience perfecting portable camping stoves and applies it to a larger format, (much less) portable set of fire pits. Available in three sizes weighing in from 15-45 pounds, ultralight these are not, and if you want to take them camping, to the beach, or to a friend’s place, which you should, you’ll most likely be driving them there.   The stainless steel construction of the Bonfire includes few removable parts, no electronics,…

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    Go Ceramic for Your Next Non-Stick Pan

    Even if you’ve invested in some incredible multi-ply and cast iron pans, there’s still a time and place for non-stick, so get one you’ll love.   The Carrara Ceramic Fry Pan from ZWILLING is available in three sizes starting under $50, and pairs a beautiful white non-stick ceramic coating with an aluminum core for even cooking. While hand washing is (always) recommended, the Carrara is dishwasher safe, and its rivetless ergonomic handle is one of the most comfortable I’ve ever used.   https://www.wayfair.com/keyword.php?keyword=zwilling+carrara&command=dosearch&new_keyword_search=true&class_id=

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    Tops 10 Sectional Sofas 2019 Reviews

    To enjoy your stay in your living room, you need the best sectional sofa. There are different designs of sofa sets available in the market. Depending on your interior space, you can easily locate the best sofa for the place. Other factors you may have to take into consideration before buying the sofa sets include the price. You will discover the sofa sets are available at different price ranges hence it is upon you to work as per your budget so that you can buy the right sofa set. Materials and the features available on the sofa such as cup holders and footrests also determine the price and the preferences…

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    Tops 10 Bedroom Set Reviews For Your Home

    With the selected designer furniture, your bedroom becomes an extravagant retreat. Elaborately designed wardrobes and chests of drawers in a mix of materials as well as modern beds, e.g. with a floating look, lend your home that certain something and skilfully enhance it. With the right furniture and lighting, you can complete your design bedroom and enjoy relaxing nights in an exclusive environment. Tops 10 Bedroom Set Reviews For Your Home 1. Jerold Panel Configurable Bedroom Set by Williston Forge The Jerold panel configurable bedroom set gives your bedroom an exciting new flair! In addition to the modern look can also be seen in the quality. So Jerold provides for…

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    Tops 10 Console Table Reviews For Your Home

    Basically, a well-designed house gives a complete feel and meaning to life. Decorating your house can be fulfilled in many ways. But placing console tables offers a look and pride to the wall which is placed with. It comes in different ornamental braces movable or immovable which are fixed against or according to the wall. WayFair.com is one of the leading largest online home furniture shops in the world. Having in mind your comfort we offer products with innovative technologies suiting to your lifestyle. Wayfair binds comfort, luxury in budget products in a more stylish way. 1. 2 Piece Nesting Tables by Cole &Grey: 2 piece Nesting tables are placed…

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    Kitchen & Dining Furniture Buying Guide

    Mostly the kitchen is considered to be the only room in every house where it feels like home. It is a cozy place where families can enjoy their meals. What makes it better is a great experience when all who live in a house gather at tables to eat together. The decoration of your home reflects your personal style. It’s one of the ways you can express yourself and make your stay unique. Everything you add must be something that you can do or really love, otherwise, you can not fulfill your primary purpose. Of course, you should consider your comfort and budget, as these elements may prevent you from…